Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

the girls actually gave us a bit of a lie in this morning, good following the wine last night, and we had a few presents that we had brought with us, and Santa had also found us in the mountains, so everyone was happy.

Xmas 2009 077 Both Alexandra & Sophia received “sparkly Dorothy shoes” from Santa. Xmas 2009 094 Sophia was more than happy to help Alexandra open her gifts

Xmas 2009 096 but Alexandra is at that wonderful age where she opens one gift & just wants to play with it.Xmas 2009 106 At the end, everyone was happy.

And then it was time to get ready for the big race!

Xmas 2009 128 Xmas 2009 140 It was okay for the first hour, but as the race started, so did the rain, and the rest of the time we were just miserable waiting for the start!  Xmas 2009 149 Xmas 2009 157 Xmas 2009 166 and the awards ceremony later in the afternoon

Xmas 2009 212 Sophia getting her medal from her coach Karin.  Xmas 2009 218 Her entire class, I can’t believe how little she is compared to the others!Xmas 2009 233 and me, 2nd again, but Alexandra got my medal this year.

Xmas 2009 225 Troy found the HUGE chocolate medals for the kids that accented their ski school medals very well.  Sophia can’t wait to eat hers.

After the ceremony we decided to drive back to Munich, rather than waiting until the morning.  Merry Christmas everyone.  We miss you all…

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