Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sophia’s Ski Class

Sophia had an amazing group to ski with this week.  The ages ranged from 5 to 13, but the instructor was fantastic with them, and had them all doing exercises & drills down the runs.  Sophia learned so much, and by the end of the week was making parallel turns, when she remembered! 

xmas 2009 338 xmas 2009 341 xmas 2009 343 Troy & I were able to ski a bit with the class & ride up the lift with Sophia, but we didn’t feel like we could do the whole day – she used us as a bit of a crutch when we were around, and skied much better when she didn’t know we were watching.

xmas 2009 336 xmas 2009 347 xmas 2009 362 You can see the fog in the Valley below us – it was really starting to warm up!

xmas 2009 358

The great lunch hut – Kasespaetzel (kind of like Mac & Cheese) is so good, as was the beer.

xmas 2009 319 Sophia & her group were there as well.  Fast & Hot, and the kids all got to warm up for a bit before more skiing!!

xmas 2009 340

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