Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Boxing Day!

Jan 2010 309

Having come back last night from the mountains, we thought that we could take a walk downtown & enjoy what was left of the Christmas windows, and do a bit of grocery shopping, and have a lazy Saturday at home in the afternoon.  Au contraire… Jan 2010 285

Apparently Boxing day is also a holiday in Germany (without crackers), which means that Christmas Eve (afternoon), Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and Sunday make almost 4 days in which the stores are closed for the holidays!!  Fabulous, unless you are hosting a dinner party on the 26th & need a proper roast, or any kind of fresh fruits & veg.  Jan 2010 294 (this was made out of marzipan!  Definitely not fresh of any kind)

But we did have a good time walking downtown.Jan 2010 313and checking out the windows in Karstadt – I actually choose to shop there through out the year because they do a fabulous Christmas window – the only shop in Munich that really caters to the old style Christmas decorations.  The girls were thrilled!! Jan 2010 318 Jan 2010 322 Jan 2010 346  Jan 2010 354 The it was off to Mustard Sandwiches** & nap time, while I raced out to the airport for shopping among the masses of people that didn’t realize today was also a holiday.  Fun.

**Just kidding about the mustard sandwiches, but not about the airport grocery shopping.  However, I must admit we had the best steak for dinner – do they think people buy German steak at the airport to take home with them?  I don’t get it?!

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