Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chateau neuf de Pape

We decided not to go to the market of the day today, but rather spend the day in Chateau Neuf de Pape, one of our favorite little towns in the area, helped by the fact that they have great wine! The market day here is on Friday, but we were concerned if we waited until tomorrow (May Day holiday) that all of the tasting rooms would be closed. Plus by being there on a Thursday, we essentially had the place to ourselves!
The ruins of the old Papal Palace are on the very top of the hill, accessible by car if you don't feel like walking up the twisted lanes, but then you would miss all of the character of the town!! We walked slowly up to the Chateau, and then wandered back down to a wine tasting, and then to the center of town to meet up with Brehan & Caro who surprised us by driving thru the night to spend a couple of days with us... (Sorry no photos of the reunion, but we had everyone looking at us with all of the kissing going on at lunch!)

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