Saturday, May 02, 2009

Puppet Shows

When we were in Paris 2 weeks ago I took Sophia & Alexandra to their first Marionette Theater in the Champs de Mars. A classic French childhood experience, but one that Sophia didn't want to go to when we lived in Paris (she was scared of the puppets). Having seen a couple of puppet shows at birthday parties, and other people houses, she was desperate to go. Seeing her enjoyment of the Theater, and then hearing her talk about it for days on weeks, Nana & Papa thought she might enjoy her own theater.

So we went to the amazing toy store in Avignon Le Bonhomme de Bois, and (after going crazy on tons of other toys and crayola markers/paints/etc ~ they don't sell Crayola in Munich) we brought the theater home for Sophia. All week in Provence she has been entertaining us in the evening with puppet shows, she received 3 puppets with the theater and then figured out that she could also play a puppet! We laughed thru most of them, and she had helpers some nights... I can see years of play, and very complicated plots ahead of us!

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